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A gypsy head.......its like an urge you get in your head to just take off, with no idea where you're going, but feeling free as you get there.

A  gypsy head tattoo........this image, to some, represents good fourtune.


   The debut album from GYPSYHEAD has arrived!!!!

    11 original songs, featuring: Insane, Gypsy Head Tattoo,  Only Different, and, Lost

 GYPSY HEAD  are a band of East Texans who dare to be different.  Not ones to follow or conform, we just do what we feel.  Our music is simple,  we play the Blues, Country, and Classic Rock.  We are here for a good time and want our fans to have a good time as well.  So, come on and join us on this gypsy journey....who know where it may take us.....but then.....thats the fun part!!!  Gypsy~on!!


GYPSYHEAD is the Idea David Parker had for a band for a very long time.......He wanted to play his style of music..., wanted to be different from the other bands in the area.  Fuzeing Rock, Blues, and Country together in harmonic balance....creating what he calls a Texas Gypsy sound.  He finally formed the band with a few friends (T-bone, J-Man, Toe-Jam, and Tornado), in Buffalo, Texas, and played for about a year before calling it just wasnt working out.   Later the next year, after hooking up with a few musicians at open mic nights, the New  GYPSYHEAD was formed .....with all in agreement on the direction of the bands style....With Dave on lead vocals and guitar, GREG HALL on lead guitar and shraing lead vocals, MARK CAMMACK on drums,.....GYPSYHEAD are making their way....They got their first album recorded and are eager to get it out there for all to hear.   GYPSYHEAD is based in BUFFALO, TEXAS....but will journey as far as it takes....thats the gypsy way.........Gypsy~on!!

John Marrella, owner/operator/producer for JMStudios said; " these guys(Gypsyhead) were great to work with. they took suggestions very well and were able to get the job done. they had a great attitude!"


 In almost 40-years as a professional Radio Broadcaster, I have rarely agreed to spin a local group on-air and in regular rotation. But now comes the East Texas group known as "Gypsy Head" with a low-slung cool sound that can hang with most big time chart busters. I have included a number of "Gypsy Head" cuts in my rotation and the response among listeners has been nothing short of phenomenal!
David Parker and the boyz have a real command of their art. They understand what it takes to entertain and hold a listener whether live or via a taped radio performance. Unlike most live performers I have sampled in East Texas, "Gypsy Head" realizes that the “visual” on stage presence is a huge part of the show. They act the part, they dress the part, and they deliver the goods to the delighted applause & addoration of each grateful crowd of party goers. 
Gypsy Head’s fan base is currently growing at close to the same rate as that of Buddy Holly, ZZ TOP, and Delbert McClinton during the same time frame in their early years. Gypsy Head’s ability to master a dance crowd (whether in a country, rock n roll, or mixed venue) equals that of the best bands in the Texas market today.
I highly recommend "Gypsy Head" as a regular addition to your clubs entertainment menu.
Jimmy  (Hitman)  Hill                                                                                                                                                                                                         Program/Music/Director/Morning  DJ                                                                                                                                                                                        KBHT-FM “THE OUTLAW”     

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